A Monoo Glastonbury

A Monoo Glastonbury

Now that we’ve given you a little information on a few jet setting destinations, we return back to our familiar home, the UK. The entrance of June marks the time of Glastonbury, the period of good weather, sensational music and all the greatest summer vibes. With the festival on the horizon, this is a run down of all of our favourite things to do and wear whilst you dance the days away in the event of the season. 

It’s that time of year again! That time of year that we all patiently await for, in the middle of the temperamental British heat. The time for sun, music, laughter, drinks and outfits that keep us inspired for the year. This years Glastonbury line up looks sensational with artists from every genre seeking to take to stages and entertain the masses. With five days of festivities we’re going to walk you through some different outfits along with some of our recommended activities, aside from the conventional, to partake in whilst at Glastonbury.  Buckle up, grab your swimsuits and kimonos we’re all in for a Monoo summer ride! 


For your first day at the festival, there’s only one way to start of your music filled adventures, with a bang! Our My Oh! Mayan collection is fit with colourful bold geometric style patterned pieces that are sure to grab anyones attention from miles away. Imagine this, it’s your first day at the festival, the sun is gleaming with little to no shade or coverage from the tanning rays, and the headliner is taking to stage any minute now. You are in a sexy black patterned bikini top with some trendy asymmetrical, high wasted black shorts and the classic Glastonbury wellies. This outfit is beautiful on its own but is incomplete without Guatemala over your shoulders to provide the much needed touch of elegance. With a sleek but stylish monochromatic colour scheme, the pattern perfectly matches your outfit but also uses the bright board and belt to provide the extra glam you need for your look. Going a step further and protecting you from the heat and sun, the silk/satin blend is stunning over your silhouette and provides you with the perfect amount of comfort and style to dance the day away. 

Once your done with your first performance all you need to do is change out your kimono and some accessories for an entirely different look. Swap Guatemala for Yucatan and serve up some colour whilst you go join the worlds biggest peace sign, annually held at Glastonbury every year! Just like that, you have a very different look but with minimal effort and maximal comfort! 


With your first day complete it’s time for your next outfit. If the first day was simultaneously about style and comfort, this day is about capturing the attention of the fields of people. Tasmania from our Endless Summer collection is exactly what is needed for this day. The bright flowing chiffon is ideal with a strappy mini dress underneath to show off the gorgeous design of the garment, and of course your beautiful body in it. The loud coral colour is the perfect hue to be spotted from fields away as you are almost guaranteed to be the only person wearing this bold and empowering outfit! Given that you are dressed to impress, it’s only right that you forgo the big cramped stages and head off to find a secret gig. Dotted throughout the grounds are small hidden gigs with phenomenal artists perfectly fit for discovery. Skip the overflowing crowds and go discover some new hidden talent whilst also getting a fun memory! 

With months worth of walking fit into a weekend, and years worth of belting cramped into a night, Glastonbury is sure to wipe out even the strongest contenders. It’s important to conserve your energy whenever and however you can, and our best way to do it is visiting one of their many outdoor cinemas. Out in the open, these venues are the perfect time to give your legs a much needed break whilst also having the time to unwind and make some new friends. Did we mention that the cinema is solar powered, relaxing and eco-conscious, what a dream! Give your bikinis and wild dresses a little break and reach for an oversized T-shirt with some flared or straight jeans for a more relaxed evening time fit. Just because your comfortable does not mean you cannot be stylish however, layer Nairobi over this look to provide the perfect touch of elegance and mutual comfort to your evenings as you finally take your much needed break. 


With a world of different experiences cramped into one area, we could talk about Glastonbury and the possibilities of the weekend forever. Our main highlight however is that you go and enjoy the music, enjoy the sun, enjoy the vibes and enjoy the outfits! After all Glastonbury is here! 

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