Our Sustainability Commitments

Monoo - 360 Sustainability From Inception To Completion 

Our Commitments; 

  • We commit to sourcing the most sustainable and vegan materials 
  • We commit to printing our products with the least amount of water and ink wastage possible
  • We commit to minimising wastage to a bare minimum and finding innovative ways to recycle any mandatory off cuts
  • We commit to minimising any unnecessary energy and carbon expenditures through travelling and other modes of transport
  • We commit to being responsible with the energy we use
  • We commit to fair working conditions for our employees and fair wages for them 
  • We commit to consistently and constantly looking into our production, manufacturing, marketing, and operations to streamline the process and implement sustainability as a primary concern


At Monoo our thoughtful and refined approach is not only applied to our garments but enriches our brand ethos and practices with sustainable and eco-friendly production. With a warming environment we seek to run a business in the industry that places sustainability and eco consciousness at the forefront of all of our endeavours. Monoo seeks to enrich the world with our unique designs but without expensing the environment and go about production in an attentive manner to reduce environmental costs and increase sustainable practices. 

Having grown up in a family of seamstresses, we understood the potential for waste and environmental destruction in the textile and fashion industry. Encompassing all aspects of our production from collection conception to the manufacturing and delivery, we vowed to exemplify eco friendly practices by minimising waste and making choices that favour a reduced carbon footprint. Our prints are designed in house and printed by a local company in the UK ensuring that transportation emissions and carbon costs are kept at the bare minimum by eliminating unnecessarily long shipping journeys. Through local fabric sourcing we can print fabrics in small batches to exactly match our needs further reducing fabric wastage and under-utilised copious production. We also integrate sustainability into our clothing patterns and designs. By implementing a one size fits all range, and a conscientious fabric cut, all of the patterns are evenly cut with little scraps left behind. We encapsulate our goal of sustainability by looking into every part of the process, and ensuring each avenue is streamlined to reduce usage of resources and energy. 

From the very onset of Monoo, we have payed special attention to partnering with businesses who maintain the same level of commitment to sustainable production as we do. The printing service we produce with only prints the desired quantity of fabric with eco-friendly dyes, that use no water in the printing process. By doing this they waste less than a thimble of ink per 100m of fabric with absolutely no wasted water, a truly admirable feat. As such, we cut out some of the exuberant water wastage and dye spills that can occur in textile manufacturing. 

Paying special attention to reduce our carbon footprint in every part of the process, we also implement this rational into their marketing strategies. By keeping campaigns local, we aim to further minimise transportation emissions whilst also boosting the local economy and creating more local jobs. When we do have to travel to shoot or produce we ensure that we take minimal staff and hire all personal locally to our destination so as to further reduce any travel emissions. This is also carried through to our hiring process. All our kaftans are cut, sewn and finished in our British studios based in London and Leeds where we employ highly qualified and experienced seamstresses who have worked with us for a multitude of years. This allows us to ensure a high and fair wage for employees whilst also focusing on building their careers as our business grows and thrives. 

Whether it’s through our manufacturing process, human resource management or our marketing and production choices, Monoo is committed to making the environment our favoured client. As we grow and thrive we only seek to implement further strategies that push the brand and the industry closer to carbon neutrality and eco-friendly production.  Sustainable fashion has honestly never looked so good!