A Monoo Mykonos Summer

A Monoo Mykonos Summer

As one of the most famous Greek islands, Mykonos is a paradise on earth. An amalgamation of chic lifestyle, picturesque villages, great nightlife and scenery that takes your breath away. Every nook of this city is ladened with moments ready to be captured, and this our Monoo guide to living your best life in Mykonos. 

With no shortage of stunning accommodation and hotels to stay at, there is a choice for everyone who steps foot into town. Our personal choice however, is definitely Soho Roc House in Paraga Beach. As Soho House’s first Greek location, the outpost caters to a London crowd, with faces of familiarity dotted across their services. The interiors serve up clean white Mykonos-esque walls with North African details, kilim cushions and gorgeous arches that transport you to a different dimension. It almost seems sacrilegious to discuss Mykonos without highlighting our Monoo Mykonos kaftan which pops so effortlessly against the crisp white walls. Paired with an emerald green swimsuit, white shorts and your choice of white shoes (we can imagine both heels and trendy sneakers perfectly finalising the look) the outfit naturally draws people’s gaze as you comfortably navigate the grounds. Upon first entering the hotel one of the most striking features is the stunning view seen from all angles and vantage points. Glimmers of the shimmering sea are a constant reminder of the bliss that exist just past your view line, ready to be enjoyed whenever. Make sure to book an open-air massage in the rattan cabana as you inhale the clean ocean air and soak up the dazzling sounds of laughter and the sea.  

On the days where relaxation is the only agenda on the to do list, Soho Roc House’s undulating pool is the perfect venue for your day of tranquility. With a summery soundtrack setting the right ambience, endless rounds of ice cold rosé and Mediterranean snacks to keep you company on the chunky poolside daybeds. Catch glimpses of the ocean from your vantage point as you look out into the gorgeous abyss. For a truly unforgettable moment, take a short walk over to Scorpios, a beach experience set in a cove on the southern tip of Mykonos that is guaranteed to give you a day to remember. Bumping music, stunning people, drinks, food and sun are just some of the highlights of a day at Scorpios, a new imperative for visiting Mykonos. There’s nothing to do but pack an awe dropping white bikini, Lima from Wild Horizons and your favourite vacation sandals as you meander the smooth boulders, electric crowd, and wooden decks to dip into the cool Aegean waters. In an expensive and buzzing city, it’s easy to feel out of place and disoriented, but with the first plunge into the waters, all of that is instantly washed away and in return replaced with pure summer bliss. 

With a perfect location in the city, Soho Roc House is within walking distance of some of the island’s greatest clubs Tropicana, Paradise and Cavo Paradiso. Along the shoreline of Paradise Beach you’ll find plenty of noteworthy spots filled with buzzing atmosphere, Mediterranean aesthetics and a wonderful crowd to dance the night away with. Rock up in a Grecian appropriate dress with gold detailing and an eye catching cut, topped with Belize from our My Oh! Mayan collection for the quintessentially unique going out look. Match the gold detailing perfectly to the gold nuances in the kaftan and stand out on your night in the town. 

With your residence sorted and your night life taken care off, there’s only a few more additions before securing the ideal Grecian vacation. No Mykonos guide is complete without mentioning the stunning town (Chora) and Little Venice area. Stroll around vividly coloured buildings and traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses bordering the sea. The stone paved alleys whisk you away to a fairytale land polar opposite to that of your norm. With plenty of backdrops to choose from this is your moment to capture the idyllic vacation picture in your Monoo kimono of course! Whip out any of our colour dazed pieces, whether it’s Puerto Rico from Endless Summer, Paraguay from My Oh! Mayan or Cape Town from Wild Horizons. Any of these pieces will pair wonderfully with a bright mini skirt and neutral crop top or bodysuit and your choice of accessories. Who said you can’t layer in the summer? 

Despite the above suggestions, we could talk endlessly about our deep-seeded love for Mykonos and the copious amount of fun one can have there. From the lane to the sea, this island is one of opportunities, multiple opportunities to seize the day and have fun! All that’s left is for you to book that flight and be whisked away to your dream vacation fit for royalty! 

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