A Serendipitous Sicilian Summer

A Serendipitous Sicilian Summer

As an island of extremes, Sicily combines rocky volcanic terrain with white sandy beaches in a unique Mediterranean symphony. With ancient architectural treasures overlooking perfectly preserved paintings of the Baroque, Sicily is an escape to another timeline. One that highlights the beauty of the natural coastline whilst also boasting the regional historical significance, entirely underpinned by the magnificence of Italian cuisine, art and culture. In Sicily, there is truly something for everyone.

There’s also never been a better time to visit Sicily than now, with two new five-star hotel openings last summer that deliver the utmost comfort in the heart of two of its most beloved cities.

On the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the town of Taormina has historically been the hot spot for all matters luxury hotels. With the last summer being their debut opening (or reopening since this hotel was refurbished recently) of San Domenico Palace, the Four Seasons have finessed a new Italian crown jewel. With sensational views of Mount Etna, the scenery is best enjoyed by the infinity pool with an Aperol Spritz in hand and a Monoo kaftan for some shelter from the sun. Our Kaftan Lima pairs perfectly with the original frescos preserved in the buildings renovation from a monastery. Layered with a tan or black swimsuit, this look will keep you cool and chic whilst you soak up the sun, the views and the unparalleled Sicilian vibes. 

With its unbeatable proximity to Taormarina’s most popular shopping street Corso Umberto, you are within walking distance of a luxury retail haven. The boardwalk might as well be asking you to take a stroll through its brand ladened streets an enjoy the Sicilian retail therapy experience. We can only imagine what wonders you can achieve armed with your Monoo kaftan and some comfortable walking shoes. Let us plan a day for you! You wake up to the melodic sounds of birds singing with the glimmer of sun through your shades. After your morning dip and breakfast by the pool (with your Monoo kaftan of course, perhaps Nairobi or Guatemala to set you on the right course) you head to Corso Umberto for your day of bags, dresses and wine! Wearing our chiffon Menorca kaftan and a simple white linen dress along with your most comfortable shopping foot wear (sneakers, sandals, heels…all choices pair perfectly with our kaftans) you are ready to hit the shelves.

Once you’ve shopped, basked and swam in the Sicilian atmosphere you may be ready for a spa day full of Italian opulence and serenity. We suggest you head to Villa Igea for a day like no other! Looking over a tranquil marina featuring its very own private harbour, this hotel has one of the best spas the region has to offer. With Irene Forte’s own skincare brand, and large rooms this is where you go to relax. Hop into Serengeti and a comfortable two piece in a dusky pink or warm grey and head 10 minutes out of this city for a moment fit for a movie! 

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