Hvar - The perfect cure for any destination fatigue!

Hvar - The perfect cure for any destination fatigue!

As an old-time hidden gem, and a new school vacation spot Hvar, Croatia is the ultimate cure to any holiday destination fatigue. Classic and new are seamlessly woven together to make this a rising star in the world of luxury travel destinations. Ladened with grand 13th-century walls, mesmerising beaches and anchored by a breathtaking Renaissance Cathedral, Hvar is the ultimate versatile escape. 

With history beaming from every nook and nature abundantly surrounding the island there’s no shortage of phenomenal places to visit and stay in. Situated in its own bay near Stari Grad on the main island, Maslina is a sanctuary and paradise adorned with local stone terracotta, wood and glass nuances. This chic and contemporary hotel is not only decked out with all the vital amenities (pools, restaurants, a spa and a private rock and pebble beach front) but also provides a multitude of unique experiences to add a little dazzle to your trip. Tibetan singing bowls, a Turkish hammam, a sanctimonious library and daily yoga classes are just some of the relaxing activities you can indulge in whilst you develop your tan and disconnect from the world. 

We can only imagine a morning Pharomatique Spa session with garden-to-skin treatments in your favourite Monoo Kimono. Let’s set the scene - you wake up for a sunrise dip in the pool in a chic and classic white bikini with Bora Bora to keep you company and provide some shelter from the rising sun. You leave the pool, and head to your Turkish hammam for a deep exfoliating and relaxing cleanse. From there you head back, change into a bright, vibrant bikini (we envision a neon yellow) and swap out Bora Bora for Menorca before stopping off at the spa for a unique and enriching facial in the garden with vibrant olive trees providing some picturesque shade. Now that you’ve swam, bathed and relaxed it’s time to enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of the two available restaurants under the atmospheric pine trees. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it! 


For a more laid-back stay, Little Green Bay is the epitome of understated luxury. With raw natural minerals underpinning the sleek design, this small boutique hotel provides mutual comfort and seclusion. Nestled in an isolated pine-scented bay with whispers of turquoise and emerald, the hotel embodies relaxation. Private speed boat rides (included in the hotel price) provide water access between the facility and Hvar Town guaranteeing easy and scenic access. Grab one of their waterproof beanbags (genius!) and float in the gorgeous clear waters as you indulge in one of their ocean side nibbles. 


When in search of somewhere to indulge in Dalmatian cuisine, be sure not to pass up Giaxa. In the summer months, this restaurant is abundantly packed as it serves up a contemporary twist on traditional regional flavours. Come with an appetite since we can almost guarantee you’ll love all of the inspired dishes that effortlessly communicate the country's vibrant and inspiring cuisine. Aside from its delicious delicacies, Giaxa offers up a stunning stone-studded building fitted with grand pillars and beautiful arches perfect for soaking in that Mediterranean vibe and of course a quick Instagram picture! Contrast and compliment the stone toned hues with Zakynthos layered over a white skirt and an emerald green silk chemise. Add a multicoloured heel to tie the look together with a matching emerald bag and you’ll be sure to impress! With a gorgeous outfit, it’s only fitting to head to Laginini Lounge and Bar for some drinks and some wonderful music, the best way to end a vacation day! 


As a water locked island, there is no shortage of beaches and water activities to indulge in, but if you want an unforgettable experience make sure to cruise the Pakleni Islands. With over twenty small islets overgrowing with luscious pine and olive trees and dotted with sensational tranquil beaches, this is the time to get lost in another dimension. Indulge in a private tour of the islands for a thorough look into the history and culture surrounding the magical spots or opt for a Pasara boat that you can drive yourself. A perfect day off-island hoping! With little shelter from the beaming sun in the middle of the ocean, this is the time to reach for Serengeti or Lima over some denim shorts and your top of choice. The dark colours and gorgeous satin silk blend will cool you down and shield you from the sun rays when in search of a moment of shade after you plunge into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

We cannot forget the beautiful old town of Hvar. The winding road and Venetian architecture are an all-encompassing whirlwind that guides you down whirling streets - perfect for getting lost in! Pack your Monoo kimono, some sneakers, and you’re SPF whilst you take in the gorgeous Mediterranean vibes. 

Whilst this is a list of our favourite places in Hvar, this is by no means a comprehensive list. With winding roads, overgrown lavender fields, delectable vineyards, luxurious beach clubs and breathtaking ocean views, Hvar is an island with so much more to offer and a location of discovery. A real paradise on Earth!

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