Summer Escape to Ibiza

Summer Escape to Ibiza

There’s no possible way to talk about holiday destinations without mentioning the iconic Ibiza. Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, this Spanish island has been a hub for tourism and vacationers in search of an unforgettable holiday for decades that never goes out of style!

From hotel choices, to restaurants, to dainty boutiques and water excursions, Ibiza has no shortage of breathtaking options. When looking for a hotel to call home during your stay, Oku Ibiza is one of the dreamiest and most magical options around. The laid back luxury retreat is a small serene paradise within a small paradise that serves as the perfect home base during your stay. The privileged location provides easy access to the most beautiful sandy shores and enchanting Spanish coves begging to be explored. The venue also focuses on serenity inducing yoga classes hosted throughout the week. What better way to start the day, than by throwing together a two piece pastel cycling short set layered with a gorgeous kimono (we’re envisioning Jamaica lacing over your body) in time for a moment of peace, exercise and tranquility. The very definition of a dream! 

With no shortage of gorgeous hotels, Ibiza’s entrepreneurs have stepped up their game providing us with a new breed of hedonistic spoils to reside in. Ibiza Gran Hotel is a new benchmark for luxury vacationing with its laid-back upscale art adorned walls. Known for its ‘art hotel’ aesthetic the walls are riddled with bespoke international creations, curated and collected by their in house designers. An art gallery that’s serves as your momentary home. Walking through the magical space, the location all but asks for a Monoo kimono. Menorca layered over a brightly coloured asymmetrical Art Deco style dress, completed with matching heels and a contrasting clutch is the perfect reminder to oneself that you are the art, and the world is your museum. Be sure to snag a reservation at the hotels restaurant La Gaia, as the first Michelin starred restaurant on the so called White Island. Not yet combined? Take a look at their corner suites, each accompanied by its own private infinity pool with uninterrupted views of Dalt Villa. 

We cannot dive into Ibiza without mentioning one of our all time favourite restaurants. The view at 7 Pines is the latest addition to the 7 Pines fleet offering a 40m glass facade overlooking the mystic island of Es Verda. Serving up Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary twist, there is no better location on the island to sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning sunset. With a stunning white backdrop, this location is perfect for a neutral pallet or an eye grabbing moment. Choose Nairobi from Wild Horizons layered over some high waisted grey linen pants, coupled with a white or grey chemise for an effortlessly sexy and classy look. Perfect for the venue and perfect for Ibiza! 

Whilst the entire island is dotted with scenic destinations, Cova de San Marca is a location that we have to suggest. This nature reserve which served as a previous smuggling port is riddled with history and archeological relevance. The awe dropping cove has a sensational waterfall light show that contrasts its Martian and otherworldly appearance. Our Dusk till Dawn collection, namely Bora Bora, adorned over a neutral swimsuit (we’re thinking beige, taupe and brown) makes for an Instagram picture taken straight out of Mars and dropped onto your feed. The perfect ambiguous photo to keep the people guessing! 


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