When the Mediterranean calls, Bodrum answers…

When the Mediterranean calls, Bodrum answers…

With the midsummer heat kicking in, and flights selling out, the world is searching for escape routes out of the city and into the world for a summer getaway. Istanbul hails as Turkey’s destination hotspot drawing millions of tourists every year to bask in the Mediterranean heat, bustling culture and the immaculate cuisine. Here at Monoo however, we swear by the undercover charm of Bodrum. Slightly more discrete than the copious Istanbul, Bodrum is the ideal history filled, sunshine capturing and relaxation packed destination. It’s just waiting to be explored by you! 

If your looking to have a bohemian chic holiday fit for a celebrity, we have just the guide for you! From dazzling stays, to unforgettable meals, to activities straight out of a movie, Bodrum has it all. When it comes to accommodation, look no further than Macakizi in Golturkbuku. This discrete gem has been home to a plethora of A-list celebrities looking to spend some days in a secluded picturesque hillside. As a pioneer of laidback luxury Macakizi is eloquently decorated making dire to uphold all the modern staples of luxury living and the expectations we have of it, along with traditional Turkish views, vibes and materials. The grounds are studded with beautiful pink and orange blooms in stark contrast of the topaz and terracotta brick. When at this venue we can imagine so many stunning looks to compliment and contrast the unique backdrop. We can imagine a terracotta two piece, with high waisted flare pants and a sophisticated bralette atop. Along with this we imagine Nairobi would perfectly compliment the earth tones whilst also providing a point of difference to the outfit and allowing the terracotta to pop. A bright pink chemise to reflect some of the tones in the flowers along with an A line red skirt would also be sure to win best dressed as you strut your stuff by the pool. Truly the options are endless and all magnificent! 

When looking for somewhere to dine in Bodrum you are absolutely spoiled for choice. From regional delicacies, to top notch street vendors and Michelin starred restauraunts, Turkey is a safe haven for all foodies of the world. If you’re looking for a dinner to remember however, we suggest BRAVA. This Latin American restaurant overseen by the acclaimed chef Diego Munõz serves up Latin food using Turkish ingredients for a fusion that will tickle your tastebuds. Sitting atop the luxurious and marvellous Bodrum EDITION hotel, on their roof top terrace, this wondrous venue is completed with string lights and lavish greenery. The perfect venue to display your Monoo Kaftan and ravishing outfit of course. A fluid, lightly floral dress to perfectly nuance the Mediterranean is all but vital in this context. Sexy high heels, silver jewellery and Serengeti or Lima based on the colour combo of your dress and you are ready for a spectacular dinner where it is hard to decipher who to focus on, you, the food or the views!

Bodrum is all about the sea! Now that you have been fed, and housed it’s time to tend to your mind and laden your trip with activities that insight Turkish delight! Hundred of boat tours are offered down at the marina both public and private. These trips can range from a day trip sailing around the Bodrum Peninsula stopping off at small inlets only accessible by boat for swimming, to multiple day yacht trips across to the Greek islands and down the coast. Dependant on your budget, you can choose to hire a private yacht with a crew or go onboard a group trip, but either way you are guaranteed a beautiful day filled with swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. With a day committed to the sun, your outfit is as imperative as your SPF with a necessity for cooling light garments. We suggest Guatemala from My Oh Mayan as your kaftan of choice. With its white neutral colour, it not only matches almost any swimsuit you may own but it helps reflect the intense summer days off you whilst the silk/satin blend keeps you utterly cool and breezy. The ideal combo! 

Wherever you land in the Mediterranean it’s a guaranteed good time, but for your sake we thoroughly hope Bodrum, Turkey makes it to the top of that list. 

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